• The Path Less Taken
Acrylic on linen panel
  • Enchanted
Acrylic on canvas 20x20cm
  • Copse
Acrylic palette knife, canvas, 50x50cm framed in black
  • Dreams
Acrylic on canvas
  • Fields of Gold
acrylic on canvas
  • Fishing Nets
 Acrylic palette knife on paper
  • Shades of Mackintosh
acrylic on card
  • Rainbow Symphony I
Acrylic on canvas
  • Three's Company
Sold  but prints available
  • Krakow Cafe (sold) 
acrylic on wood
prints available on request
  • Rainy Day, Krakow
acrylic on wood, 15x15cm 
£350 framed
  • Throne 
acrylic on wooden panel 15x15cm
  • Vincent
acrylic on cradled wood panel 15 x15 cm framed
  • Going Home
Acrylic on wood, 15x15 cm
  • Serenity
Acrylic on canvas
  • Circus Circus I
  • Circus Circus II
  • Circus Circus III
  • SOLD
  • Red Sky
Acrylic on wood panel 15x15cm
  • Waiting
Acrylic on wood, 15x15 cm
  • Machair
12x12 cm carbothello pastel pencil on ingres paper
  • Mo.
portrait in carbothello pastel pencil on ingres paper, 14x14 cm
  • Girl with a 
Tunnock's earring
  • cone head
  • Rainbow Symphony II
Acrylic on canvas
  • Rainbow Symphony in Pink
  • Bullrush
  • Midnight Shore , Acrylic on wood, 15 x 15 cm
  • The Auld Mart Lanark  80 x120cm, acrylic on  canvas, unframed
  • Cherry Lane
Acrylic palette knife painting