The Barr Award for drawing. Paisley Art Institute 2017
The Barr Award for drawing. Paisley Art Institute

january 2019

the last year has been quite eventful and I can’t believe we are into another year already . Three rather big things happened, I had a joint show with Julie Arbuckle , a fabulous Scottish landscape painter at the Lillie Gallery in Milngavie . We were showing over two of the three wonderful gallery spaces for a whole month.

The other two were being elected as a member of the prestigious Glasgow Art Club and equally important Paisley Art Insititute. Rather nerve wracking! To be considered for membership , you are judged by a panel selected artist members, many very famous artists that I admire. Three paintings delivered and examined in detail ..

The night I was awarded entry to the Glasgow Art Club was memorable in more ways than one as it was the same night the Mac went up in flames, absolutely heartbreaking as I was a student there and have so many wonderful memories of my time there.

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